Bookkeeping and IT services solutions. is the accounting and bookkeeping provider of Business outsourcing service, offering a wide range of administration and support personnel in a financial services company which includes internal business functions such as Keeping up precise financial records and up to date with mandatory government remittance is essential in running a business successfully. To help you reach this purpose, DP Bookkeeping Services offers the inclusive bookkeeping services that help put your company on the path to growth and profitability.

Our suitable options to support you . We offer our services in a variety of convenient whether in-house at your location or working on your files remotely from our office send your file by fax, log in and post your business transactions online or mail to ensure that you get the service you need in a way that suits the way of your business. Optionally, we also offer the marketing opportunities like building up the outstanding website, advertising your website through Google search engine or media In additional, Our automated processes, increases efficiencies and lower costs permit clients to invest more time and budgets in other value added components to their backoffice.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

General ledge

Bank Reconciliation

Financial Statement

Payroll Processing

Tax Preparation

Represent you in dealing with CRA

Free to Fill income tax for low income, students, senior.

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